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TrackMe offers three types of licenses, the Community Free Limited Edition, the Enterprise Edition and the Unlimited Edition. Once deployed, TrackMe uses the Community Free Limited edition. You can start a Trial to test TrackMe features with no restrictions, and upgrade at any time.

TrackMe Enterprise & Unlimited

Free community users are restricted in  features and components, in fact only a subset of features are eligible and with restrictions.

With TrackMe Enterprise & Unlimited, scale with no limitations with TrackMe's concepts of concurrent trackers, Virtual Tenants and components.

TrackMe Enterprise & Unlimited unleashes the full power of TrackMe and provides access to all restricted components.

From monitoring Splunk Enterprise Security correlation searches, to Splunk Enterprise clusters, deployment servers, license usage, KVstores, and even monitoring at scale other products such as Cribl Logstream and Splunk SOAR Cloud/on-premise.

There is no much you cannot achieve with TrackMe Enterprise & Unlimited!

Extend TrackMe beyonds limits with the Enterprise & Unlimited Edition

Monitor the great value in your Big Data with the Full Edition

Splunk Workload

TrackMe's Workload component tracks and monitor the health of your scheduled activity in Splunk, detecting anomalies and performance issues locally or remotely, protect your use cases and Splunk investments.

Common Information Model compliance

Monitor at scale your CIM compliance, and finally keep a careful eye on your CIM parsing , love your Splunk Enterprise Security use cases at last!

Flex Object Tracking

Use any kind of Splunk search results via the Flex Object Tracking component, monitor and transparently generate metrics, use Machine Learning Outliers detection, and free the SPL Magic.

Remote Deployments

From a single TrackMe instance, work transparently and securely with any number of remote Splunk Deployments, create on demand trackers for any configured environments just as if data was locally searchable data.

Virtual Tenants

Create an unlimited number of Virtual Tenants and meet all kinds of requirements, from scalability to dedicating TrackMe spaces for your various teams.

Prioritised support and development

Customers under subscription get prioritised support access, and prioritised development, we want you to get the very best value from TrackMe, your success is ours too.


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Enterprise Edition

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Unlimited Edition

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