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TrackMe for Splunk Enterprise & Splunk Cloud

TrackMe for Splunk provides visibility and operational excellence to monitor at scale your Splunk data sources availability & quality, scheduled Splunk workload and many more. With a rich set of features and a powerful workflow, TrackMe empowers you day after day to get the most from your Splunk investments and deliver the five stars quality of service your users deserve.

User friendly

No need to be a Splunk ninja, a friendly user interface allows powerful and easy interactions with TrackMe, from investigations to entities management, it's easy as it seems.

Scaling at big data speeds

TrackMe leverages the best Splunk languages with unique concepts allowing you to monitor your Splunk deployment, either locally or remotely, scaling from the smallest to the largest environments.

Role Based Access Control

Developed with multi-tenancy and Role Based Access Control in mind, TrackMe ships with powerful options to comply with the requirements and needs of your teams working with Splunk on a daily basis.

Monitoring the great value in your Big Data

Whenever you are using Splunk for security, IT operations or any other critical parts of your business, TrackMe is the ideal companion for your Splunk daily operations and keeps a careful eye on everything that matters to guarantee the quality of service.


Data feeds availability & quality tracking

With TrackMe feeds components, monitor at any scale feeds availaibility and quality, fastly detect anomalies such as data flow interuption, latency and quality issues. With never ending data growth and complexity, TrackMe tackles these challenges and allow you to act before your business is impacted.

Splunk scheduled Workload tracking

Scheduling searches are at the core of the Splunk plateform, with TrackMe's Workload component, discover and track scheduled activity in Splunk and detect abnormal behaviours, increasing costs, runtime performance issues and protect Splunk quality of service and constraints costs.

Splunk remote deployments

TrackMe's Splunk remote deployments builtin capabilites allow to you transparently configure components targets on any remote systems, from a different Splunk Search Head tiers on the Cloud or on-premise, or Splunk Heavy Forwarders, there is nothing you can't access and monitor with TrackMe.

Flex objects and CIM compliance

TrackMe delivers advanced components such as Flex object tracking and Common Information Model compliance tracking, equipping you with the flexibility to manage your essential Splunk tasks at scale. Achieve flexibility, consistency, and efficiency in your tracking processes.

Streamlined Alerting

TrackMe offers a user-friendly and consistent alerting and incident management workflow, granting users and administrators comprehensive visibility and control. From notable events and acknowledgments to event flipping and beyond, our feature-rich solution accommodates all your requirements.

TrackMe Virtual Tenants

Virtual Tenants, a fundamental aspect of TrackMe, allows you to create and manage dedicated spaces for various needs, such as Role-Based Access Control or functional purposes. Experience the versatility of having more than one TrackMe instance within the TrackMe platform.


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