TrackMe Limited


TrackMe offers three types of licenses, the Community Free Limited Edition, the Enterprise Edition and the Unlimited Edition. Once deployed, TrackMe uses the Community Free Limited edition.
You can start a Trial to test TrackMe features with no restrictions, and upgrade at any time.
We also offer different plans depending on the size of your organisation, and the typology of your deployments.

Extend TrackMe beyonds limits with the Enterprise & Unlimited Edition

Monitor the great value in your Big Data with the Full Edition

Splunk Workload

TrackMe's Workload component tracks and monitor the health of your scheduled activity in Splunk, detecting anomalies and performance issues locally or remotely, protect your use cases and Splunk investments.

Common Information Model compliance

Monitor at scale your CIM compliance, and finally keep a careful eye on your CIM parsing , love your Splunk Enterprise Security use cases at last!

Flex Object Tracking

Use any kind of Splunk search results via the Flex Object Tracking component, monitor and transparently generate metrics, use Machine Learning Outliers detection, and free the SPL Magic.

Remote Deployments

From a single TrackMe instance, work transparently and securely with any number of remote Splunk Deployments, create on demand trackers for any configured environments just as if data was locally searchable data.

Virtual Tenants

Create an unlimited number of Virtual Tenants and meet all kinds of requirements, from scalability to dedicating TrackMe spaces for your various teams.

Prioritised support and development

Customers under subscription get prioritised support access, and prioritised development, we want you to get the very best value from TrackMe, your success is ours too.


Enterprise Edition

$ 11 999 USD per year

($ 13 199 USD per year via reseller)

Unlimited Edition

$ 29 999 USD per year

($ 32 999 USD per year via reseller)

Unlimited Deployments

$ 49 999 USD per year

($ 54 999 USD per year via reseller)

* Prices are VAT excluded.

TrackMe Limited IT Software Terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing TrackMe Limited for your IT software needs. Please read these terms and conditions carefully before using our TrackMe for Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud software. By using our software, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

1. Buying TrackMe licenses via resellers

  • You can buy TrackMe licenses directly, or if needed via a third party reseller.
  • When buying licenses through a third party reseller, an extra 10% is added to the pricing per year.
  • Pricing are shown per year in direct sale and per year with third party reseller pricing

2. License Types & Restrictions

License Types:

  • We offer two types of licenses: Enterprise and Unlimited plans. A license is valid for a full calendar year, starting from the day it is generated and made available to you.

Enterprise and Unlimited plans:

  • License restrictions for the Enterprise and Unlimited plans apply to a single logical deployment of TrackMe, which means running the application in a single Production environment composed with a standalone Splunk Search Head, or a Search Head Cluster with any number of nodes.
  • Enterprise Edition and Unlimited Edition customers can leverage the Splunk Remote capabilities to manage multi-environment context; these capabilities come with no restrictions with the Unlimited Edition and some restrictions with the Enterprise Edition.

Unlimited deployments plan:

  • If you wish to have an unlimited number of deployments of TrackMe in terms of environments, the Unlimited Deployment plans allows deploying TrackMe with no restrictions in features and no restrictions in terms of the number of independent installations of TrackMe across your environments.
  • With the Unlimited Deployment Edition, you can therefore deploy as many installations of TrackMe as your company needs with zero restrictions.

Unlimited Edition plan versus Unlimited Deployments plan:

  • The difference between the Unlimited Edition plan and the Unlimited Deployments plan is that in the case of the Unlimited Edition plan, this license can be used in a single environment, while in the case of the Unlimited Deployments plan, your organisation is entitled to deploy and use TrackMe in any number of Production environments under the control of your organisation, with no restrictions.

Non Production environments:

  • We do not charge for non Production environments.
  • You are free to register the same license in any number of non Production environments, we can also on demand provide non Production licenses for customers under subscription, or you can enable the developer mode.

3. Support

  • We offer support for features and behaviors which relate directly to the usage of TrackMe for Splunk Cloud and Splunk Enterprise.
  • Issues related to Splunk products or any other third-party applications are not covered by our support agreement. 
  • Prioritized support is included for customers with a valid Full Registered Edition subscription. 
  • Support is available by email with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) of 24 hours for a support request to be taken in charge, from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 8 pm UK time. 
  • If the support case requires it, we will propose a virtual support meeting through our Zoom meeting services, or your own meeting tools if required. 
  • If you have specific needs or requirements that are not covered by our product, we will prioritize developments if you are a customer under active subscription.

4. License Subscription Renewal and Expiration

  • If you wish not to renew your TrackMe Full Registered Edition license, TrackMe will automatically return to the Free Limited Edition mode, and components out of the scope of the Free Limited Edition mode will automatically be disabled. We will contact you automatically prior to the end of your current license subscription. If you renew your subscription, your license will be extended accordingly.

5. Payments

  • The license can be activated in your Splunk environment at any time, with or without online verification through Cryptolens Licensing API. The license key requires online validation, but it can be used for environments with no internet outgoing connectivity. We accept payments by bank transfer once we issue a tax invoice (U.K. national and international IBAN). When the payment has been validated, a license key and license file will be issued and provided through our licensing services.
  • Only bank transfer payments are accepted.

Thank you for choosing TrackMe Limited for your IT software needs. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at